Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Fiddle and the Case

It had to be done. I was in desperate need of a place to store my Tommy gun and I thought to myself what better place then fiddle case disguised as some crazy fiddle itself. No Copper would ever think to look there.

OK so I made that all up. Actually, my friend Tony, or Big T as I like to call him ask me If I would like some of his old wooden fiddle cases. Instantaneously I said yes, and then spent the next few days racking my brains on the conundrum of just what I would use them for. In the interests of relationship betterment I have decided that taking in everybody else’s trash is not entirely a good thing. Though no formal complaints have been lodges of late, I feel it would be better to keep it that way.

As far as playability goes I have no idea. I’m not a fiddle player, but I think Big T might be headed over here in the near future to help me eat some ham and then all will be revealed.


Rob Hutten said...

This is just too brilliant. Man.

Gérard Nicollet said...


I just discover your blog and I like it. I write a book (in french) about experimental musical instruments and now I have also my own blog on the same subject. Can I reproduce some photos on my blog, and perhaps some sounds ?

Encore bravo !

iner said...

Thanks Rob

iner said...

Hey Gerard I left you a message on your site, but thanks for checking out my stuff, and yes you can use some of my images.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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