Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Murgatroid 3000

Once again we find ourselves in the middle of another case of salad bowl misuse. I couldn’t stop myself, and I openly admit that I have a problem. Jen and I were in some store out Kitchener/Waterloo area and I found these lovely bowls for an even lovelier price. I couldn’t say no, I would have been mad to say no. Often when we travel or visit one of the things we love to do is find second hand and thrift stores for that area. Rarely do we ever walk away empty handed, often with empty pockets but that’s all right with me.

So basically it is comprised of four metal salad bowls that are mounted on a threaded rod. The base of the instrument is another one of those disk breaks that I have been collecting from a local garage. Instead of throwing all their busted or replaced parts in the garbage they just pile them neatly against there front wall, most of the trash doesn’t last more then a few hours before some competing artist grabs it. One day we will all converge on the same piece and then there will be hell to pay. Actually I would pay to see a bunch of artist batting it out over a muffler or some other kind of car part.
I mounted the next few pieces on it for no other reason then trying to make it look good, and, at the same time clean some material out of the spaceroom. So there you will find a saw blade, a kid’s symbol, and a cocktail shaker, three things that sound really bizarre when categorized together.
Finally the top was a metal candle holder I found at the local Goodwill. It has a good sound, and finishes the piece off nicely.

One of the interesting things about this percussive piece is the bottom two bowls. Do to their size when you strike them they give off a nice wobbling sound which really adds to the science fiction sound and feel of the whole instrument. With that in mind, how could I call it anything other then the Murgatroid 3000?

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