Friday, November 03, 2006

Rockin' Horse

Much thanks to Jen for coming up with the name for this one, and also putting up with the madness it brought upon our household.

Well this instrument started off going to be something completely different, but as we all know things don’t always work out as one plans. I kind of live my life with that mantra to guide my way. Ok maybe that’s a lie, or maybe not. Anyway, there was so much more to this instrument then the one you see before you. I was using Dennis Bathory-Kitsz Uncello as my inspiration, I had the glass bowl and the similar pattern already worked out. Of coarse there were many things I wanted to add that would make it some what more of an inerstrument and all those things were moving along just fine. There is the fridge grates I have been using a lot lately, I wanted it to be a fretted six string, and also I had the idea to reverse the tuning pegs from the neck to the bridge for nothing more then an aesthetic appeal. The instrument was all but done, all I had to do was tune it up and put it in the growing pile of things that have to be recorded. I was on the last string fine tuning it, and right as the needle in my electronic tuner hit the center mark the glass bowl exploded in my lap. I don’t know if it was the tension because the bowl was almost entirely free of any contact, it was mounted to the bottom and the neck and bridge where mounted above the bowl. I think it had something to do with the wonderful sound that briefly came out of it that caused the bowl to shatter in sheer ecstasy. At least that’s the story I will be telling everybody.


Dennis Bathory-Kitsz said...

So glad my instruments have created havoc in someone else's life...

Very nice work all around ... I haven't built anything for about 10 years, but seeing your page makes me want to.


iner said...

Hey Dennis
Thank you so much for checking out my site.