Saturday, January 27, 2007

Scrap Horns and Other Hardware’s From the Spaceroom

This is another attempt at my ongoing struggle to build wind instruments. The past few have been a bit more successful, but are still very limited to what the can do. The body of this piece is from some weird instrument that has been kicking around the spaceroom for way to long. I think it was originally meant as a practice piece for the bagpipes, but honest to god I really haven’t got a clue. I bored out the holes to be considerably larger, before they were just little pin sized holes. I

added a metal lampshade to the end to give it more of a horn look, but the real treat came from the reed being mounted on an antenna. By extending or reducing the length of the antenna you can quite noticeably alter the pitch of the instrument.

I think I am now going to have to find a placement for the other hundred antennas I have been collecting in the spaceroom for far to long, unfortunately I am going to have to get my reeds somewhere else.

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