Monday, February 19, 2007

Percussive Droid 108

It seems like I haven’t been keeping this blog up as much as I should lately, but it would seem that little robots have taken over the spaceroom, and all my spare time. The one good thing is that as they continue to grow in numbers they end up using all the old unwanted materials that can’t seem to find there way into an instrument.

Percussive droid is a direct result of their influence on my state of mind.

Bleep Boop Bop

To see some of these Robots just click on anything that says Robot and a Robot will guide you to the other Robots and Robot. Robot. Robot.

Just for the record Percussive Droid 108 is the only one of the many Robots built over the past month that is actually trained to be beat on with a pair of sticks, any of the other Robots will just break. And that would be bad. I would cry.

Bleep Bop


Tinkerer,Bill said...

Wow is Mom upside-down. You are definitely a mother of invention. I LOVE your stuff, especially the instruments. The Art, the Bots, Dresses, Everything is so creative, I'm blown out. Now my minds eye views EVERY object i see as a potential instrument. Keep up the wonderful work. You would be very welcome I'm sure, at the site I've got some junk there listed as "Sheet Metal Band".

Tink said...

I see your Bowafridgeaphone now at Oddmusic. Nice piece.

iner said...

Hey Bill
Thanks for checking out my site. I have seen your stuff on Oddmusic and I love it.