Thursday, August 16, 2007

Five Stringed Chicken Cooker

It has been a mighty slow summer as far as instruments are concerned.
I finally managed to get the Five Stringed Chicken Cooker finished yesterday.
The neck was from a busted up Ovation that some kind person left for me at my local pub. It was just slightly more bashed up after a few pints and a rock and roll ending.
The only reason it’s a five string is because one of the tuning pegs was busted and I didn’t feel replacing it. I’m just lazy like that.
The eye bolt on the end was put there for two reasons. The first is to raise the strings when I raise the bridge. The second is to add my blackberry that I never use. One of the neat side effects is that it can be used as a whammy bar if you are into that kind of stuff.
Most importantly it has a great tin banjo sound.
One of the best things I like is the bridge I used. It came from an old film projector base. It was used to raise the front end up or down. Now it can be use to raise or lower the action. I think I may need to try this on a new instrument, raising both the nut and the bridge to convert it into more of a slide instrument. The only problem I can see with that is the intonation being messed up. It may have to be re tuned each time, but that’s a story for another day.



Glisten said...

Hi, you have inspired me so much. I have been playing instruments since 4, once had a studio in an airplane hanger that we filled with instruments, but they were all broken and we had to modify them to play them. Being able to see how you have done all this helps me to formulate my ideas. Thank you for having such an open artistic web site, nice photos.

john hogan said...

Have you done art exhibits anywhere in New York?

Like everyone great, one needs international exposure. I think you have outgrown Parkdale.

Toronto maybe a big city but not big enough for you.

I'm sure art galleries in New York would give anything to exhibit some of your spectacular works.