Friday, February 01, 2008

Tin Can Thumb Piano

The Tin Can Thumb Piano was inspired by a work room full of material I was given after my wife’s father passed away. These are materials that most people would consider to be of no use, outdated, or just down right garbage. Odd little bits of this and that, a mind boggling assortment of rusted nuts, bolts and screws that I can waste hours on sorting. Basically things that most people don’t seem to think have any value emotionally or financially. I love finding a machined piece of something completely foreign to me. It opens up an entire world of possibilities, and a new place for my mind to wander while I figure out where I am going to store all of this stuff before my wife kicks my ass.

I have always enjoyed placing my father’s things into my projects, and through him my grandfather’s things as well, it gives me a strong feeling of connection to my Dad, and an introduction to a man whose name I share, but know so little about. In this way my father is still a very big part of my life. Unfortunately I can now do this with Jen’s father’s things as well, and I am getting to know him in a completely new and wonderful way.

It is interesting to compare the pieces from both there lives. There are so many similarities between them in the things they held on to. Is this just products and mindsets from there times, or were they just similar in work and life.

There will be many things over the next few years that will have little pieces from there lives incorporated into mine. When that happens I will find a way to document what they added to the piece.

Before I forget and sign off, the instrument sounds great.




Anonymous said...

Hey, good looking thumb piano and as very nice photo.
Post a sound clip maybe, eh?


Jay Pluck said...

That thing looks fantastic. I won't completely bite your design, but could you briefly describe how you made it? Thanks! Jay P.

cheap canvas prints said...

That is a cool thumb piano, thanks for sharing and would love to hear it!

Anonymous said...

Nice idea! If you can show us how to make it that would be nice! I have to make one for my school so I would appreciate it if I knew how to build one!

Anonymous said...

Every second counts when you are building a hand-made instrument! Cool Thumb Piano! I would like to know how to build one too!