Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Some New Fauxbots

Hey ya'll. I have posted a bunch of new Fauxbot. Check them out
One day I will teach them how the play the Junkstruments


Anthony J. Elia said...

Wow!--I love your stuff. I found your experimental instruments online after seeing a performance of the "Amazing Pencilina" in upstate NY last night, and became curious in "new instrumentation." I love the bowafridgeaphone and heard what you played on it online--fantastic stuff!! I'm a composer, and would love to hear more of your stuff and see more of your creations!

Iner Souster said...

Thanks Anthony.
I plan on posting a lot more real soon.
How was Amazing Pencilina?


anthony j. elia said...

Pencilina seems like a great instrument; I like your new giant banjo! I'll keep reading!


cheap canvas prints said...

Really interesting sounds, thanks a lot for sharing them with us!