Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Story of Little Peanut

There once was an old man that lived in an old part of town, in an old work shop, by a very old river. That man went by a very old name, and that name was Inereano. The years had been good to Inereano, blessing him with good teeth and a strong sense of smell. Though Inereano had enjoyed his life immensely, he always regretted that fact that he never had children. One day Inereano decided that if he could no longer have children he would just have to make his own. And make his own he did. At first they were just unfortunate stumps of wood with hay for hair and twigs for limbs, but as time progressed the stumps became less stump like and the twigs were quickly replaced by much larger twigs. Inereano really had no idea what he was doing at all and everybody in the town new this, but never in their wildest dreams could they ever imagine hurting the old man's feelings. As the town's folk would pass by Inereano's old workshop on his old plot of land they would politely wave at him and his now many children, exchange the usual pleasantries and quickly move along. Then one day while Inereano was busy sleeping in his very old bed a voice came to him in a dream. "Inereano," boomed the voice. "Listen closely to what I have to say. For I carry the secret of the Little Peanut"

Inereano, in his semi subconscious dream state, listened as carefully as a man with ears as old as his could. As the spirit in the dream spoke, Inereano tried his hardest to remember every last detail of the creation of Little Peanut. Finally the voice was done. "Goodnight Inereano" he boomed again, and then all was silent. For three days and three nights Inereano slept, dreaming about the adventures that he and Little Peanut would have together. Winter had set its cold claws in deeply this year and now he could finally burn off all the rest of his children. After all, the voice had given him everything he needed to build Little Peanut, so why would he possibly need any others? Besides, none of them ever spoke to him. He was always embarrassed when his neighbors would pass by with greetings only to be ignored by his one hundred and twenty three rude young children. "Rude and lazy," that's what Inereano's very old mind thought the town's folk would be saying about his kids, and could he blame them? Little Peanut would be a welcome addition to his soon to be depleted family ranks.

Finally, when Inereano awoke he went to work. It was as though his hands were guided by the spirit voice of his dreams. Within only a few old hours Little Peanut was born. Born of the twigs and stumps of all his failed brothers and sister, and he was a fine specimen indeed. Inereano had finally done it - a peanut he could call kin.

Though Little Peanut (much like his siblings) never once responded to the town's folk, Inereano still loved him with all his heart. They did have their crazy adventures. Many the good times had been enjoyed by both, and when they finally came to take Inereano away he was happy in the knowledge that everything he had would be passed on to Little Peanut.

The end

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