Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Spring Loaded Ukulele

Again with the metal ukuleles, I just keep coming across so many different cool metal cans that I can’t stop myself. This one is much like the Maple Syrup Ukulele with a few slight alterations in design and function. After a few recording sessions and playing the instruments in a more percussive fashion it had been talked about that perhaps giving something a snare like. At first I had the idea of just running a few springs across some kind of metal container, and then I thought I would produced it from some of the already existing metal stringed instruments. I’m glad I decided to build something completely new. I gave me a chance to add the sink strainers I found at the Dollar Store, and I didn’t have to worry about messing with something that was already completed, not to mention I hate reworking old pieces.

All the springs on the side of the can when strummed together produce and E flat tone, so when stringing the instrument up I went with an open E minor tuning EBEG.


DaveX said...

Here's an idea that might work for you, that was a lot of fun for me. Use a piece of flexible nail plate (the stuff for joining timber)to attach your strings at the bottom of an instrument. If you rest the instrument on this nail plate, you can bounce it up and down to rhythmically alter the slackness of the strings, sort of like a whammy bar foot thing. I could see something like this working really well on one of your metal instruments.

iner said...

Hey Dave
I like the sounds of that. Do you have any images you can send me?
I still have a few disks I want to send you.