Wednesday, November 22, 2006

St. Michaels Metal Ukulele

I have had this tin can now for about twenty years. I have been moving it from place to place, and every single time it has just been full of junk. Don’t get me wrong I love junk, but sometimes even I think something is garbage. When I found it in the spaceroom it was full of blank keyboard keys. What was I thinking? Well now it has a purpose. Continuing on in my metal ukulele construction, my own answer to the rush of emails I have been getting about cigar box banjos, and why am I not building them. I think I might have to add metal tins to my ever increasing list of things not to pass up when junk shopping.


ak said...

Gorgeous, i'd love to hear it :)

iner said...

some day ak I will get off my butt and add sound files to these pages.


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