Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Sympathetic Slide Chicken Cooker in Open G

So now that I am back in the saddle I have decided to work on a few of the less successful of the instruments I have built. The Chicken Cooker in Green was one of them. I had it hanging in my local pup for years which really sucked every time I went in for a pint. All I could see was bad art and an even worse musical instrument. Finally after a good re-hanging I decided to bring it home and rip it apart, at worst I would have twelve tuning pegs for another instrument. Things went surprisingly well, even though the original construction was substandard at best.

Both the bridges are new as well as the string placement. I cleaned up the neck and restrung it only to be pleasantly surprised to find it holding its tune.

The instrument is tuned to an open G. Open tunings seem to be the thing for me this summer.

So that’s all I have, but hopefully a lot more to come in the near future.




Anonymous said...

good to see you back :-)

Anonymous said...

simply put, u r da best!

Melvina said...

Well said.