Thursday, August 03, 2006

Bungee Cord Bass

I love this instrument. Not only do I enjoy how it looks, but I also loved building this one a bit more then any of the others. I think because the idea to begin with started of as a bit of a joke. While on one of our regular retreats in Huntsville at the Munce house, we were doing some work around the place as I so love to do. As we were unloading some lumber from the back of the car I hit one of the bungee cords that were holding the trunk shut. Of course I immediately fell in love with the sound. For a few minutes Jeremy and I plucked away working out the “Trunkial” rhythm, as the ladies stood by mildly amused at our ability to be distracted by anything. Knowing full well that Alayna would not allow me to cut the back end of her car I started thinking of replacement ideas. Since none of the replacements were feasible I fell back on my old routine of metal bowls and face plates. The bowl for this body is actually some kind of industrial light fixture I found in a junk shop up by Kitchener/Waterloo area. It has a ceramic coating which gives the body a nice ring. The face plate is an old serving plate I found on our trip out to Alberta a few years back. The tuning pegs were part of a chair I found on the sweet streets of Parkdale in Toronto, and the bungee cords were purchased in Saint John New Brunswick, it’s like my own little cross Canada instrument inspired by the Six String Nation guitar. All that aside, it also sounds pretty neat. I think the may even be a few more bungee instruments in the future.


Matt said...

You're a genius. And an inspiration my girlfriend doesn't entirely like (but I'm slowly converting her).

Where do you get the necks, though? Do you make those yourself? So far I've only made drums and one failed instrument using fishing line and an altoids tin as a sound chamber, so necks are hard for me to get my head around. Any tips?

iner said...

Hey Matt
yes I do make my own necks for the most part. I had a hard time with necks as well. I think it just comes down to practice.
thanks for checking out my site. I would love to see the stuff you do.


bogdon said...

that IS a wonderfuL instrument!!!!
i made an upright bass by using a cardboard box and scrap oak flooring...

i hope theres a home-made-instrument low tech revolution!

Anonymous said...


Do you sell these?


iner said...

yes sometimes I do

Taka said...

As this is your Cross-Canada instrument I'm sure you have emotional attachment to it (I know I would). How much would you charge to have one commissioned? I cannot yet commit to being able to do this, but I really love your work and this bungee cord bass is one of the coolest things I've ever seen. I've shown my friends your site and they all agreed to my suggestion that I should try to have you make one of these.

Please let me know; the best way would be to email me at

Thank you!